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Wash BUGS Off Cars ASAP!

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Bugs can be a nuisance when driving, and they can be harmful to car's paint. When bugs hit your car's surface, they release enzymes that can damage the clear coat and paint. If left untreated, bug splatter can cause long-term damage to the car's exterior. In this article we will discuss how they are harmful and the steps that car washes can take to prevent damages.

Bug on car window

Enzyme Damage

When a bug hits your car's surface, it releases acidic enzymes that can break down the clear coat and paint. The acidity of these enzymes is also made stronger by exposure to the sun. If left for an extended period of time, they can dissolve the clear coat of a vehicle which is the protective layer that stands in between the body of a vehicle and the elements.

This can cause discoloration and eventually damage to the surface of cars. Without the clear coat, rust has an open door to start forming and spreading even under areas that still have the clear coat intact. This is permanent damage that may be costly to repair.

bugs splattered on car

Bugs Clog Radiators

Radiators are part of the temperature control systems in vehicles. The radiator serves to disperse engine heat and maintain a stable operating temperature of the drive unit, as well as protecting against overheating, which could have serious consequences. On top of this, it also serves to regulate the temperature in the passenger compartment. This is possible because of the “holes” in the radiator though which cold air is allowed to pass through, therefore cooling the coolant as it circulates around the engine and various components.

If bugs get trapped in the fins of the radiator, they may prevent optimal air flow and reduce the effectiveness of the radiator. This affects the car’s performance increasing fuel consumption and decreasing quality of life inside the vehicle. In extreme cases, this could lead to more severe mechanical problems due to overheating.

Bug remover applied to car


Preventing bug splatter on your car's surface is the best way to avoid damage to your car's paint. Regular car washing can help remove bugs before they cause damage to your car's surface. Ideally, cars should be washed as soon as possible after exposure to bugs as their mushy insides can crust and become extremely difficult to remove, which gives them more time to damage the vehicle.

Additionally, using a protective coating on your car's paint can help prevent damage from bug splatter and make it easier for car washes to remove them. Chemicals such as Ceramic and RainX can have such effect if applied regularly and properly. Moreover, chemicals such as bug removers can also help the breakdown of the enzymes before washing which makes it easier for car washes to remove them.


Bugs can be harmful to your car's paint if left untreated. The enzymes and acidic content in bug splatter can cause damage to the clear coat and paint, resulting in discoloration, fading, and corrosion. To prevent damage, it is important to be sure that your customers are aware of the dangers of those little insects and why it’s important to regularly wash their car and use a protective coating on your car's surface. By taking these precautions, you can keep your car looking its best and avoid costly repairs for your customers down the road. Contact us here, or check out our contact options at the bottom of this page to ask one of our experts which chemicals are right for you and why!


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